Your Character Traits, The Good and the Bad

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Your Character Traits, The Good and the Bad

Have you ever stopped in the middle of helping others out of a jam, and thought, maybe it would be better if they took their lumps and learned from their unhappy circumstances?
Have you noticed in yourself and your loved ones that your personality traits can have a negative aspect as well as the positive? Some of us can actually carry our virtues to a fault.
We humans were created with a wide variety of personality bents. A strong trait in my family is that of “caregiver.” Scientific lists describe this attribute as a “savior” type, or supporter. Certainly not a bad thing, and a characteristic we find in most doctors or nurses, firemen, police officers, and so on.

So, how can one be faulted for having strong desires to help others? Unless your kind of service, your fixing of the situation, actually hinders God from doing what He wants to do in that person’s life.

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In my latest historical romance Sofi’s Bridge which won the READERS CHOICE AWARD 2017, both the hero and the heroine are “savior” or “supporter” personality types. Sofi’s Bridge showcases the valuable truth, that these characters, alone, cannot save their loved ones. In fact, in both Sofi and Neil, their traits to “save” others actually deepens the trough of predicaments, grief and despair in the lives of the people they want to help most.
Both Sofi and Neil must learn that sometimes true love is letting the people we love go through difficult times, and not manipulating the circumstances to alleviate their discomfort. True love means placing them in the hands of God, even if it will hurt them and us for a while.
This Readers Choice Winner isn’t all dark, but has loads of romance too set in gorgeous Cascade Mountains of Washington State.


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  1. Congratulations on the award, Christine. May your book inspire readers for many years ahead. Cheers

  2. I find this type of character lacking in my genre (scifi/fantasy) and I truly hope to add this type of emotion. Thanks so much for the insight.

  3. Hey Carlene,
    What a beautiful blog! Congrats on it as well as your Sophi’s Bridge and Readers Choice Award 2017!!! I just signed up for your newsletters. Very inspiring your blog! So miss our Koininia!!

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