TWISTED by DiAne Gates

If you don’t love it, there ain’t a cow in Texas.


I admit I’m not a kid anymore. That doesn’t keep me from enjoying toys, movies, and books suitable for a younger audience. As a matter of fact, it’s rather comfortable to go into the theater or pick up a book knowing I won’t be assaulted by shocking images or offensive language. “Twisted” by DiAne Gates has a thirteen-year-old narrator. Chrissie tells the story as a young teenager would, faithfully reporting even her own impulsive actions as if they are perfectly reasonable—and to her, at the time, they are.

While the perspective is youthful, the story is well-crafted and layered. The second book in a series, “Twisted” can be read as a stand-alone. If you want maximum enjoyment from both books in this series, my recommendation is to read “Roped” first because its events occur before those of “Twisted”. However, there are no cliff-hanger endings, which I appreciate.

Here’s my review of “Twisted”: Fun, Engaging, and Entertaining. “Twisted” is a nice, clean, well-written mystery story with loads of action, adventure, Texasisms, and fun. The 13-year-old narrator is a hoot, and never steps out of character. The book reminded me of movies I loved as a kid—Spin and Marty and the Hardy boys mysteries. There’s a serious side to the book and some great moral lessons woven in so skillfully I’m not sure a teen would realize the teaching that’s going on. I highly recommend this book for anyone of any age.

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