Sugar Cutes

Let me confess, I love all things cuSC2te. Kittens, babies, ruffles, and decorative food. Here’s my latest venture. You might be tempted to call them sugar cubes, since they are made from sugar. I’m kind of partial to “sugar cutes”. After all, they are not cubic in shape.
I used two different kinds of molds. One type is hard plastic. The other is rubbery—sold as a cough drop mold as I recall.

SC1The “cutes” are mde from 1/3 cup of sugar, moistened with a scant ½ teaspoon of water. Mix well, until the sugar easily forms clumps. There are probably some elegant tools for forming sugar. I use my fingers to press the moistened sugar firmly into the mold. Then I brush away the excess sugar. The “cutes” need to dry thoroughly now. Those in the hard plastic molds dry out faster, in about 3-4 hours. The pliable (pink) mold takes about twice that long.

sc4sc5sc6When the water has evaporated, I turn the mold upside down on a hard surface and tap.  The little cuties pop right out, get stored like normal sugar cubes.  The teaspoon on the dessert plate provides some idea of the scale.  Time to brew some tea!


6 thoughts on “Sugar Cutes

    1. I have some other molds we can try! I’ve seen one with the AF seal on it, but have never found one for sale.

    1. I feel as if I’m never caught up, Gay! There’s always something that needs doing, but I’m trying to learn how to let go of that.

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