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I’ve always enjoyed Gay N. Lewis’s books. Her lighthearted series about a bumbling little angel named Sarah is engaging and entertaining. However, Gay’s talents don’t stop with humor. “Mattie’s Choice” was the first of her “non-Sarah” books I read, and it made a lasting impression on me. Her latest, “Family Secrets” is a Christian romance, set in the 1970s.

“Family Secrets” harks back to a time when our culture imposed questionable values on frivolous things. The heroine of this book is the victim of that antiquated thinking. I won’t say more, to avoid revealing too much of the mystery incorporated into the story.

Determined to avoid romantic entanglements after being left at the altar, Rebecca somehow finds herself being pursued by two attractive men. Both of them have made it clear they have marriage in mind, and either one would make a fine husband. Nevertheless, family secrets have left their mark on Rebecca – to the extent that she believes she is destined to remain single.

Some of the aspects of “Family Secrets” that I particularly enjoyed were

–A pastor who is portrayed as a normal human being, not a plaster saint.

–Love that blossoms from friendship, instead of an unrealistic sudden flash of lightning.

–Relationships that have ups and downs, doubts, and uncertainty.

Rebecca’s spiritual journey takes her to a series of reconciliations. First, with God, then her family, and finally with herself. Her most daunting obstacle to finding love is learning to love and accept herself for who she is. I found this story captivating. It was both heart-rending and heart-warming. I highly recommend it.

“Family Secrets” is available on Amazon.

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    1. Thank you Pamela. In many ways, this book was a painful one to write. It also was one of joy. When we look back to 1975, we are astounded at how far we’ve come in all professions, moors and cultural ideas. I reasearched a lot, and the research brought back memories of a time long gone.

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