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Merry Christmas 2017

On the whole, South Texans are an agreeable bunch of folks, with our own set of traditions and social guidelines. When it comes to clothing, denim is almost always appropriate. Properly accessorized, ... Read More

Voices from Beyond

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Yes, receiving communication from someone long dead is possible. You have almost certainly done it. I’m not talking about some occult experience—there are no ouji boards, fortune tellers, conjurer... Read More

Sugar Cutes

Let me confess, I love all things cute. Kittens, babies, ruffles, and decorative food. Here’s my latest venture. You might be tempted to call them sugar cubes, since they are made from sugar. I’m ... Read More

Sugar Cookie Kisses

  I have discovered a new (to me) author by the name of Mary Manners. I went to a FB party, got a deal on an ebook, and hit the jackpot. Here’s the official description: Katy Sullivan has b... Read More