Merry Christmas 2017

On the whole, South Texans are an agreeable bunch of folks, with our own set of traditions and social guidelines. When it comes to clothing, denim is almost always appropriate. Properly accessorized, jeans can go to all but the most staid gatherings. Boots—and that of course means cowboy-style boots—are an excellent fashion choice anytime, anywhere south of Austin. They are good with a short skirt, long skirt, evening dress, pants, jeans or a wedding gown. The right boots look simply marvelous with a tuxedo.

A South Texan who stays home during the holidays can hope to see a white Christmas once or twice in a lifetime. When it happens, we take photos of the Alamo and Spanish missions frosted with snow. These pictures appear on Christmas cards and greetings for the next couple of decades.

We buy decorations, lots of them, but they lose something in translation. A house near me has three huge, inflatable penguins sitting in the front yard. Two penguins perch on a sled appearing to glide across a perfectly flat expanse of still-green grass. A third penguin stands nearby, brandishing a snow shovel. San Antonio had a big snowstorm in 1985, so who knows? Maybe it’s time for another one. Above the heads of the rubber penguins, strands of Christmas lights twinkle merrily among the fronds of a pygmy palm tree. Top all this off with fake icicles hanging from the eaves of the house and friends, you’re a strong contender for one of the neighborhood association’s numerous decorating awards.

Note to national clothing buyers: it’s too hot to wear those bulky wool sweaters you send to chain stores in the southern half of Texas each November. We would appreciate an assortment of short-sleeved Christmas tee shirts next year. Some Santa Claus shorts would be nice, too.

Merry Christmas, y’all!  May we lavishly celebrate the greatest gift of all: God’s precious son.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2017

  1. Merry Christmas to you too! We don’t have snow yet either, but the forecast says we may for Christmas Eve. I don’t mind the snow for Christmas as long as it disappears on Boxing Day. LOL

  2. Another Merry Christmas to you from North Texas! We’re outside Dallas, but I’m afraid we may get an icy Christmas. But up to this point, (our temps almost to 80 today) I understand and agree about the Christmas tee shirts and shorts. I grew up in Florida where we traded your penguins for flamingos…they just don’t look very good in red!

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