Hair Calamaties and Hot Cash

My guest today is Gail Pallotta, whose latest release is hot off the press, releasing November 2nd. BUT, you can preorder her new book for 99 cents before the official release date. Afterwards, it’s strictly full price – so – obviously you know what to do! Hop on over to AMAZON and reserve your copy at the bargain price!  Gail’s website will break the news when this romantic comedy is available for preorder.

HCHC web largeSo, Gail, can you tell everyone a little about “Hair Calamaties and Hot Cash” and your inspiration for it?Sure. . My mother’s beauty shop in a small town at the foothills of the North Carolina Mountains inspired the book. Her customers shared their problems and joys with her and each other while she created snazzy hairdos. On busy days, amid the smell of shampoo and caustic permanent mixes conversations bounced from weddings, births, family relations and funerals to finances and world situations.
The hair dryers hummed while the clientele read magazines, sewed everything from cross stich to mending or worked crosswords puzzles. Teachers finished grading papers and students completed homework. If one of them caught wind of a bit of gossip or detected an unusual look on someone else’s face, the dryer top flew back while she listened to the latest or gave an opinion. Many a problem found a solution while hair flew.
The clients had disagreements, but they didn’t hate those who thought differently from them. They had close friends, acquaintances, people they tolerated and those they kept at a distance. However, when someone grieved for a loved one, suffered from an illness or any other crisis, prayers went up and casseroles went out no matter whether the person was a best friend or someone held at a distance. They all were God’s children.
I sought to re-capture the warm down-home atmosphere of that place.
The heroine, Eve Castleberry, would like creating this up-do in her shop.An up-do Eve may have created



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“A comedic romp from small town to big city in search of missing money, hair catastrophes, and love. A truly fun read”—Cynthia Hickey, author of the Shady Acres Mystery series.

Blurb:  What happens when a New York stockbroker crashes his car into Eve Castleberry’s North Carolina beauty shop…on the same day the young widow’s defective hair products are causing wild hairdos? Soon Eve finds herself helping the handsome stranger hDunt the thieves who stole his client’s cash…and hot on the trail of two of the F.B.I.’s most-wanted criminals! Romance blossoms amid danger, suspense and Eve’s hair-brained plan to get back the money.

A brief excerpt
Philip heard there were a couple of suspicious characters hanging out at the drugstore. He sits in booth at the soda fountain area and eats while he watches for them.
“…I’ll have an apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream and coffee.”
“Sure thing.” Teresa left and returned with the sweet treat. “Are ya’ just a slow eater, or ain’t ya’ got nothin’ to do?”
“I’m sorry. Am I keeping you late?”
“Not really. There’s nothin’ waitin’ for me but one no account husband and his no account hound dog.”
“Come on, now. Did you grow up here?”
“Yep. I’m teasin.’ I graduated from Triville High School and married Ray Bounts, a football star. We won all our games when he was the quarterback.”
“Sounds like a great guy.”
Teresa grinned. “He is. He woulda’ gone to college on a scholarship, but he got hurt his senior year.”
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s OK. Everyone still calls him Bullet Bounts. He loves it. He’s a sweet man, and we’re happy. Life ain’t worth livin’ if you ain’t happy, and you won’t be happy unless you love the spirit.”
“You’re a smart woman enjoying success others only dream about.”


Portrait shot Gail PallottaAward-winning author Gail Pallotta’s a wife, mom, swimmer and bargain shopper who loves God, beach sunsets and getting together with friends and family. A former Grace Awards Finalist and a Reader’s Favorite 2017 Book Award winner, she’s published five books, poems, short stories and two-hundred articles. Some of her articles appear in anthologies while two are in museums. She loves to connect with readers.



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