A Christmas Kind of Perfect

Christine Schimpf has a wonderful new book out today, just in time for Christmas!

Conrad Hamilton thought his life would be easy. A great job running his own construction business, living in his hometown in Door County, Wisconsin, with Lila Clark by his side. He planned on marrying her as soon as she returned from her Chicago internship but it never happened.
Lila never expected to become a successful writer nor did she plan on spending the last decade in New York. But she did.
Can the magic of Christmas turn two hearts back to one another again or is it too late to capture that special kind of perfect?

Christine, is  A Christmas Kind of Perfect a must read this holiday season? If so, why?
The Christmas season is a magical time of the year where Christmas miracles can happen. Lila and Conrad have accepted the mistakes they made in the past have turned into regrets. As the Christmas season unfolds in the quaint village of Sister Bay in Door County, Wisconsin, it doesn’t take long for the past to slowly ebb into the present changing everything between them, but is it enough for a second chance at finding love?
Tell us a little bit about your heroine, Lila Clark.
Lila lives in Manhattan and has found success in writing women’s fiction after a successful Chicago internship and job transfer to New York. She produces one book a year and has just finished an extensive book tour and a trip to the west coast to work out the details for movie deals for a few of her bestsellers. Her career is on track. Her love life is pathetic. Although she’s dated a variety of men, her heart belongs to the one man she hurt the most, Conrad Hamilton. When she receives a phone call from an old friend asking her to come home to Sister Bay in Door County, Wisconsin, she’s certain she will not run into her ex-boyfriend but God’s plans for her life take hold and the door of possibility eases open.
And your hero, Conrad Hamilton?
Conrad is running his own construction firm and dating one of the most attractive women in Sister Bay, Suzanne Matthews, a go-getter in the real estate field. Although Suzanne has always had special eyes for Conrad something key is missing. Suzanne doesn’t want any children and her focus is all business. Despite his feelings on this subject, Conrad is pressured to propose this Christmas season. He tries not to think about Lila and the mistakes involving their demise but when Lila returns to Sister Bay, his world is tilted right off course blurring his future.

Anything on the horizon for you?
Actually yes. In September, I finished a romantic novella entitled, A Perfect Fit, a spin-off romance from A Christmas Kind of Perfect. The story steps into the life of a young woman who typically chooses the wrong kind of man until she turns the decision over to God. But it’s not always easy letting go, even of behaviors that hurt us.
Presently, I’m working on A Perfect Ending another spin-off romance from A Christmas Kind of Perfect with intentions on finishing that work by summer 2018. This story peeks in on Andrea Lockhart, a woman with a dynamic professional career as a New York literary editor. Her intentions are to keep moving forward and achieving more and more success until God places her in an unexpected situation changing her perspective on everything.

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