For Daddy

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I used to bring you wildflowers, and pictures I colored at school.  It was fun to choose your gifts. You never wanted a new shirt or trendy electronics. No, you preferred a well-made tool, some lumber, or that crazy chandelier I found for you one year.

You always liked fried chicken, and seemed to love it when Mom brought you candy. But that was when you knew us, when you recognized your wife and children by sight. Did you ever know we brought you new socks and underwear when you were in the nursing home? Does it matter that we replaced the blanket you wore out covering your face to shut out the light?

I wrote a book about you, Daddy. Maybe my memory is faulty, but the story reminds me of the way you were. If you were here, you’d read it and we’d reminisce about the good times we had. I’d like to think you still had those days stored inside, even after Alzheimer’s took away your ability to talk about them. You will never read “Baxter Road Miracle” but maybe someone will. I hope it gives them an appreciation of the idealistic dreamer you used to be. You thought you could do anything, and so did I.

This is the only gift I can give you now, Daddy. It’s an unconventional present, but that’s so appropriate for you, isn’t it? I’ll see you someday in that place where there are no more tears. Meanwhile, sweet dreams.

Baxter Road Miracle: Henry Youngblood is determined to plant a new church in Buffalo Creek, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Meanwhile, his pregnant wife worries about paying the bills. One daughter longs for a college education she cannot afford, and the other wants nothing more than popularity. It will take a miracle for the Youngblood family’s dreams to come true.

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3 thoughts on “For Daddy

  1. Dear Carlene, what a loving, heartfelt tribute to your father. Thank you so much for sharing it. I’m sure your father would have loved “Baxter Road Miracle”–I know that I did.

  2. Thanks Carlene. Beautifully written. Alzheimer’s is a thief and I pray the Lord catches up to it one day and stops it. From robbing another. There’s nothing sadder than seeing a person go away bit by bit. You’ll have a lot of catching up to do up there with him one day. I loved Baxter Road Miracle.

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